Evaluation & Validation Techniques

Part 6

1.Specialized Evaluation Metrics

Understand evaluation metrics specific to Generative AI tasks, such as Inception Score for image generation.

2.Objective Evaluation Challenges

Recognize the difficulties in objectively evaluating the quality of generated content.

3.Human Evaluation Methods

Experiment with human evaluation methods to assess the quality of generated content.

4.Robustness Validation

Implement techniques to ensure model robustness and generalization.

5.Diversity & Novelty Consideration

Appreciate the importance of diversity and novelty in generated content.

6. Output Control Techniques

Explore methods for controlling and manipulating generated outputs.

7.Latent Representation Understanding

Experiment with techniques to understand latent representations.

8.Cross-Validation Methods

Implement cross-validation techniques for robust model validation.

9. Adversarial Attacks & Defenses

Learn about adversarial attacks and defenses in Generative AI.

10.Collaborate for Validation

Collaborate with domain experts for validation and improvement.