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The ins and outs of Living Labs

Living Labs trace their roots back to Scandinavia, where the concept was first pioneered in the late 1990s. Since then, Living Labs have gained global recognition as unique innovation ecosystems.

The Start

Living Labs are real-life test environments where researchers, businesses, and citizens come together to co-create, experiment, and evaluate innovative solutions to societal challenges.

What are Living Labs?

Living Labs are characterized by their multidisciplinary nature, bringing together experts from various fields such as technology, design, social sciences, and entrepreneurship to foster collaboration and innovation.


One of the core principles of Living Labs is user involvement. Users are actively engaged throughout the innovation process, ensuring that the solutions developed meet their real needs and preferences.

Core principles

Living Labs are often funded through a combination of public and private investments, with the aim of driving economic growth, social progress, and technological advancements.


Living Labs operate on the principle of open innovation, encouraging the sharing of ideas, data, and knowledge among participants. This open approach fosters creativity and accelerates the pace of innovation.


The outcomes of Living Labs go beyond the development of products and services. They also generate valuable insights, research findings, and best practices that can inform policymaking and contribute to evidence-based decision-making.

The outcome

Living Labs have proven to be effective in addressing complex societal challenges such as sustainability, healthcare, mobility, and smart cities. They provide a holistic approach that considers the social, economic, and environmental dimensions of innovation.


Living Labs provide a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs and startups to test and validate their ideas in a real-world setting, reducing the risks associated with traditional market entry.


Participating in a Living Lab offers individuals the chance to become active contributors to shaping the future. It empowers citizens to have a voice in the development of innovative solutions that can positively impact their lives.


The global network of Living Labs is constantly growing, with collaborations and knowledge sharing taking place across borders. This interconnected ecosystem fuels continuous learning and fosters international cooperation.

Global network

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